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About Us

We're an established company in the oil & gas industry

About Our Company

Oil and Gas, Consulting, and Procurement Services

Insight Oil and Gas Consultants Limited was incorporated in 2014 by a group of seasoned veterans of the industry with expertise across a broad range of technical, commercial, production systems optimisation and process improvement et-cetera. 

At a time when the oil and gas industry in Nigeria is undergoing profound changes both in terms of significant Asset transfers from the International Oil Companies (IOCs) to Indigenous players, and significantly lower oil and gas prices; Insight Oil and Gas Consultants makes available consultancy and services from core group of tested industry professionals to clients in a way that helps them achieve production objectives in very cost effective ways.

Our approach and Objective

A solid structure formed by staff with extensive experience

We provide a full set of veterans in the oil and gas services industry that in the past have led major International Oil and Gas companies to achieve notable milestones.

Our People

At Insight Oil & Gas, the strength of our company is in our people and, as such, each employee and their family’s well-being come first. We take care of our employees and in turn, they take care of our clients.

Our Leadership

Insight Oil & Gas leadership is founded on getting the right personnel in the right positions. Our talented, enthusiastic and creative leaders have the responsibility to lead by example, make sound business decisions, mentor future leaders and deliver business systems that work for our employees and clients.